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Elena Ulko

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123 Konstantinovskaya street,
188640 Vsevolozhsk Russia

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Visa info.

Every traveler to Russia should obtain a Russian Visa to be able to enter this country and of course one should be familiar with the complicated matter of getting it.

I can provide you with Visa Support letters for 40 USD per person.

If you have booked your accommodation then you can easily get a Visa Support letter from the hotel you’ve chosen. Normally it’s free and no extra charges are involved. Sometimes, if the hotel you’ve picked up is not registered with the Ministry of Tourism then they will process your invitation through a partner hotel or a tourist agency for a certain amount of money.

After you get your Invitation/Visa Support letter then you’re welcome to fill in the Russian Visa Application and send it in or apply personally at the Consulate along with some other documents required. Usually it takes around 2-3 weeks to process your visa and it costs 131 USD. Please mind that there can be some unexpected delays (you never know) so be wise to apply for your visa at least a month in advance!


If you have some questions regarding visa
laws or would simply like to know more visit
these links:

State Department Information Sheets: Russia

Some Tips in Getting a Russian Visa

  • Some Russian consulates have their own rules in obeying Russian visa laws. If you want to be safe just ask your local Russian embassy or consulate about the latest changes in visa laws.

  • Make sure you know the working hours of the visa departments of the consulate before you are going to apply for a visa. Russian consulates are closed on Russian holidays (and sometimes also the day after), and normally they also do not work on holidays of the host country.

  • Note that it can be a time-consuming experience if you go to the Russian consulate by yourself. It will take you at least half a day and you are lucky if there are no queues… You can also ask a local travel agency which specialises in visas to do this for you.

  • It is wise to make copies of all your visa support documents before delivering them to the consulate, just in case something goes wrong. The consulate will not return your documents, except of course your passport with the visa and the entry/exit card.

  • After you pick up the visa, check the dates before you leave the consulate! If there are mistakes bring it to the attention of the consulate immediately. If the error is theirs, they should correct it without problems and with minimal delay.

  • Make a copy of your passport and the visa entry/exit cards before you travel to Russia, so you have always a back up if you lose the original ones. In Russia it is also better to carry copies with you instead of your original documents.

  • Read everything about the Migration card and registration in Russia.  

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